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Perhaps an alteration of cadge.



  1. To warp (a vessel) by carrying out a kedge in a boat, dropping it overboard, and hauling the vessel up to it.
  2. (of a vessel) To move with the help of a kedge, as described above.
    • 1911, Harry Collingwood, "Overdue":
      ...there was a stretch of twelve miles of channel running in a north-easterly direction which the ship could not possibly negotiate under sail unless a change of wind should occur — of which there seemed to be absolutely no prospect. The only alternative, therefore, would be to kedge those twelve miles; truly a most formidable undertaking for four persons — one of them being a girl — to attempt.



  1. A small anchor used for warping a vessel (also called kedge anchor).
    • 1896, J.C. Hutcheson, "Young Tom Bowling":
      ''The chaps who had gone off in the cutter had been equally spry with their job, bending on a stout hemp hawser through the ring of the kedge anchor, which they dropped some half a cable's length from the brig, bringing back the other end aboard, where it was put round the capstan on the forecastle.


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anchor, board, boom, cast anchor, cast loose, clap on ratlines, clear hawse, come to anchor, cut loose, disembark, dock, drop the hook, haul, haul down, heave, heave apeak, heave round, heave short, kedge off, lash, lash and tie, lay, lay aloft, lay anchor, log, moor, ratline down, spar down, stream the log, tie up, traverse a yard, unlash, warp
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